Reduce time spent and money wasted on conflict and misunderstanding caused by cross-cultural miscommunication.

You may think that things would be better if “they” learn to speak better English.

In fact, it is actually possible to work successfully with staff in other countries, even if they only have beginner English. There are several aspects to solving this communication problem.

The first thing to consider is your own engagement style. Do you expect overseas born staff, working in English, to understand your casual, everyday jargon? Maybe there are ways to modify your own communication, your writing and speech, so it is easier to understand.

Another aspect of this problem is that your overseas born staff may have learned a different engagement style, which conflicts with your own ingrained cultural expectations. This causes tremendous frustration on both sides.

Culture Confidence works with you, your local staff and also with the overseas born staff or contractors to improve engagement.

“I highly recommend this coaching for any organisation which suffers customer complaints about the service centre based in another low cost country”.  2014 workshop participant