Culture Confidence exists to help you. We understand the nuances of different cultures and how mis-communication can cost time, money and damage business relationships.  Culture Confidence works with individuals and businesses to rapidly increase cultural awareness. We build the skills and the knowledge to help you engage well across different cultures – at home and in a global market.

One can study a language by oneself, but to use the language and culture in a business context you need an experienced teacher…

Workshop Participant 2014

About Claire Pisani

About Claire Pisani

Managing Director

Founder Claire Pisani is a strategic thinker with unique insights into both Asian and Western cultures and how they can interact well. She knows the importance of being culturally aware in an extremely diverse business environment.

Claire has a solid corporate background and understanding of business issues today and has seen the preventable damage that can be caused when language (and culture) can be misinterpreted in business. Claire is both creative and analytical, with strengths in managing projects, budgets, resources and complex logistics as well as writing, language and fine arts. Her work experience covers finance, writing, education and the arts in her roles at ABC Television, ABC Radio, Fairfax Digital and as an English Tutor both here and abroad.

Throughout her career Claire has worked with individuals from Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, India and Thailand through her career, her studies and as a transition assistance educator at the Villawood Detention Centre. Claire holds a Bachelor of Music Education from the Conservatorium of Music with an English and Music major and MBA specialising in Finance and Accounting. Claire was the winner of the prestigious CEW scholarship during her MBA studies. After graduating, Claire was invited to be on the Subject Selection Committee of the UTS MBA program.