Increase your cross-culture EQ. Develop the skills and knowledge to interact well across cultures, to develop strong business relationships leading to greater business opportunities.

There are significant differences in the way people from the West and the East approach business. In the West, business culture teaches us to be goal focused. In the East, business is approached through relationships and networks. Without a good understanding of the individuals you wish to engage, and without a good understanding of their background culture, it is too easy to inadvertently cause offence.

Similarly, it is all too easy to be put off pursuing a new business acquaintance by misunderstanding, misconstruing their language and behaviour. Customs and habits may seem odd or jarring. Expectations of civility and politeness may not be met. Again, it’s too easy to misunderstand the other person’s meaning or motivation.

Culture Confidence seeks to develop that understanding on both sides of the East-West divide.