Chinese Entree


This course in Conversational Mandarin Chinese is designed for beginners to build rapid competence, with new techniques to teach the tonal sounds. The focus is on speaking and listening skills as well as understanding relevant culture which impacts business relationships. The aim is to overcome conventional barriers to learning Chinese, with content taught the way English speakers need to learn.

Who Should Attend

Executives, business professionals who have Chinese clients and customers, HR professionals and managers of culturally diverse teams, Australian SME business owners seeking to expand market share. Business people who would like a high level introduction to Chinese language and culture. Previous students of Chinese language who have not achieved competence in speaking or understanding Chinese.


Introducing yourself

Food and hospitality

The importance of names

Useful phrases and expressions

China’s geography – important cities and regions

Easy ways to learn correct Mandarin tonal pronunciation


Develop rapid competence in speaking and understanding introductory level Mandarin Chinese and gain relevant cultural understanding

Be able to introduce yourself and your work in Chinese

Understand the significance of Chinese family names, and be able to recognize and pronounce the most common names

Understand the culture relevant to food and dining and be able to express likes and dislikes in Chinese

Learn a range of other useful expressions in Chinese

Gain familiarity with the major cities and regions in China and how the geography has influenced aspects of China’s history and regional cuisines

Jimmy Sun

Jimmy Sun


Jimmy has been teaching Chinese to Australians and people of diverse backgrounds for over 5 years. He understands the dynamic relationship between language and culture, and his classes are designed with this insight. As a Chinese immigrant who has been living in Australia for 12 years and who regularly visits mainland China for project business development, Jimmy has broad experience with building positive relationships across different cultures. He is also a PhD candidate at Sydney University.

Claire Pisani

Claire Pisani


Claire is a trainer and teacher, and the founder of Culture Confidence.  Her overarching expertise is advocating cross-cultural communication, promoting expectation management and maximising value in cross cultural business environments. Claire has experience in various corporate sectors, with managerial roles involving project management, financial reporting and business development. Over the last 15 years Claire has worked with individuals and teams from China, India, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Thailand with a firm interest in Chinese-Australian relations. Claire holds an Education Bachelor’s degree and an MBA.

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